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1) Surface must be free from dust, oil, grease, and loose particles, etc. moisten the surface before applying Crack-X Shrinkfree.

2) Fine hairline cracks must be widened up to 1 mm minimum and then filled. For filling Crack-X Shrinkfree on the internal surfaces, existing POP or painter’s putty must be removed till plaster surface is exposed.


1) Press Crack-X Shrinkfree firmly into the crack One time Only with a spatula or putty knife and level the surface.

2) Handball application can also be used as per the convenience. Care must be taken to avoid formation of cavities or bubbles during application.

3) Allow it to dry in ambient conditions for 5-6 hrs before painting. For best results 7 days air curing is advised. Further POP or painters putty application can be taken up once it is fully dry.

4) Providing and applying putty at required locations. (based on condition of the wall)

5) Providing and applying 1 coat of weather proof primer.(*only in case fresh putty has be applied)

6) Providing and applying 2 coats of elastomeric acrylic weather proof paint.