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Existing heat insulation systems like Brick Bat Coba add a lot of weight to the building using a coating system like this not only is it more cost effective and less time consuming it is also light weight and come at a thickness of just 1.5mm instead of the traditional systems which come at an overall thickness of 1 feet. Terrace being one of the most affected part of a building, as it is directly impacted by rain and heat. Being exposed to extreme weathering, during rainy season, improper/ineffective waterproofing systems lead to seepage/leakage down below and during summer it causes rise in temperature of the interiors of the room below hence using a system which combines both waterproofing and heat reflective properties would help solve the problem.

Recommended Solution: Single Component Acrylic based Waterproofing cum Heat Reflective Coating 1 Primer coat of Cool Coat Primer+ 3 coats of Cool-coat, a 4 coat system with fiber mesh reinforcement of 40gsm. This coating combines the benefits of waterproofing as well as heat reduction in a single product. Thus ensuring value for money for customers. Also just to beat the heat the coating comes with only the heat reflective property for customers who already have an existing sound waterproofing system.