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Terrace Garden is one of the most complex areas when it comes to waterproofing as it not only deals with the presence of moisture throughout but also the roots of the plantation which are tough enough to penetrate through the concrete structure if not treated rightly. It is often seen that if such critical areas are not waterproofed well, the leakage through the terrace garden can causes severe dampness in the ceilings, thus spoiling the overall look of the interiors.

Recommended Solution 1:

Polyurethane Coating System 1 Primer coat of Polyurethane + 3 coats of Polyurethane, a 4 Coat system Polyurethane is a tough rubberised flexible brush applied waterproof coating with Root-Bending properties for terrace Gardens.

Recommended Solution 2:

Single Component Acrylic Coating System 1 Primer coat of a penetrating acrylic based polymer + 3 coats of an Acrylic Single Component System.