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Terrace is the most affected part of a building, directly impacted by rains. It is often the leakage through the terrace that causes severe dampness in the ceilings, thus spoiling the look of expensive interior paints.

Recommended Solution 1:

Cementitious Acrylic Coating System 1 Primer coat of S.B.R. + 3 coats of a Cementitious Acrylic Coating System, a 4 coat system with fiber mesh reinforcement of 40gsm. Cementitious Acrylic Coating is a combination of Ordinary Portland Cement mixed along with a liquid acrylic component to form a tough and flexible membrane upon drying.

Recommended Solution 2:

Crystalline Coating System Construction joint treatment using crystalline mortar + 2 coats of a crystalline slurry + 50mm screed protection ONLY if exposed (Active System)

Recommended Solution 3:

Single-Component Acrylic Coating System Treatment of all cracks using an acrylic crack filler+1 coat of Primer+ 2 coats of an Acrylic Single Component System it can be applied over existing waterproofing systems, brick bat coba etc.