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Seepage and leakage from overhead, underground tanks, swimming pools, ponds etc. in general all water retaining bodies spoils the d├ęcor, helps growth of algae and fungus and leads to weakening of the structure. Such areas hence need to be waterproofed.

Recommended Solution 1:

Cementitious Acrylic Coating System 1 Primer coat of S.B.R. + 3 coats of a Cementitious Acrylic Coating System, a 4 Coat system with fiber mesh reinforcement of 40gsm & Grouting system. Cementitious Acrylic Coatings can be brush applied; it is a seamless coating sets instantly with high bond to concrete.

Recommended Solution 2:

Crystalline Coating System Construction joint treatment using crystalline mortar + 2 coats of crystalline slurry + 50mm screed protection ONLY if exposed (active system)